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Underfloor Heating - stylish and efficient
Underfloor Heating Benefits
Underfloor Heating offers cost savings of upto 20% over conventional radiators and can offer savings of upto 60%
when used with a heat pump.

Our systems can be designed to integrate with your existing central heating system, offering all the benefits and
cost savings.

As we install the insulation, underfloor heating and screed you can be confident that all the products used on site
are compatible, and warranties are kept with one supplier. The diagram below shows a typical installation.
Underfloor Heating Installation
If you prefer to install the underfloor heating yourselves this isn't a problem, we can supply you with everything you
need for a successful installation and then come and install your floor screed once you are ready.
Please forward your plans by email or post and our  designers and engineers will do the rest.

If you require any further information please contact us.
Working with our underfloor heating partners Tailored Heat Supplies Ltd we will install an underfloor heating
system that is most suitable for your project. Tailored Heat Supplies Ltd carry out the design work then we install the
system to their design once approved by the customer. Tailored Heat Supplies Ltd can also offer a commisioning
service for your underfloor heating system if required.

Underfloor Heating is the stylish and efficient way to heat the modern building. It is unobtrusive as it eliminates the
requirement for radiators, freeing up valuable space in your home. Underfloor heating is simple to maintain and
generates even amounts of evenly controlled warmth for every room in your building. Underfloor Heating provides
even temperature throughout the room from the ground up, unlike radiators that send heat to the top of the room, the
diagram below shows this.
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