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Heat & Screed Ltd now offer a screed BRE test service (also known as a drop hammer test) using our own BRE test
Four successive impact blows on the same spot are sufficient to test the soundness of the screed. The depths of the
indentations are then measured with an electronic depth gauge. Any area where the impacts produce an indentation of
3 mm or less can be considered sound, according to current data. Where the indentations are greater than 5 mm the
screed may fail when in use.

We can offer solutions for failed floor screeds including: the removal and re-laying with fast setting & drying products or
the use of specialist penetrating resins.

For further details or to arrange a BRE Test please contact a member of our team.
screed BRE test equipment
This is a test for soundness of floor screed which can be affected
by a number of variables including; poor compaction, moisture
content, insufficient binder (cement).

The BRE test is carried out using a device which consists of a
1m long, cylindrical guide rod, along which an annular weight of 4
kg (or 2kg for floating screeds) travels when released. At the
bottom of the guide rod the weight strikes the collar of a case-
hardened steel anvil which transmits the impact to the selected
area of the screed.
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